Delley Semences et Plantes S.A. (DSP) is a firm connected to the Swiss seed branch.
Its activity concerns the development, representation, maintenance and the marketing of seeds varieties.
To do it, DSP SA has at one’s disposal :
- A trial domain of 40 ha with all the required infrastructures,
- A narrow partnership with the federal Stations of Agronomic Research in particular with RAC at Changins and FAL at- Zürich-Reckenholz.

The head office of DSP SA is in Delley (Switzerland), on the border of two linguistic regions (French and German).
The Castel joins together under the same roof :
- Swissem, the Swiss Association of Seeds Producers,
- The SISP, Swiss Community of Interest for the Vegetable Obtaining Protection DSP SA

Delley Semences et Plantes S.A.

Le Château
Route de Portalban, 40
CH – 1567 Delley
Phone.: +41 / 26 677 90 20
E-mail : info@dsp-delley.ch