Commodities Broker definition

The commodities broker is a trade auxiliary (article 632 paragraph 5 of the commercial code), who acts simultaneously on the orders and on behalf of two principals, one of whom is the Buyer and the other, the Seller.

The Broker contributes to the development of trade in actual commodities on national and international markets.
All members of the profession know the broker’s role and appreciate his efficiency.

Using modern means of communication, the broker does its best to collect the maximum amount of Information and data which he analyses and transmits precisely and exactly to his clients.

The broker does not trade on his own behalf (order of Charles 7 dated 19th September 1439); his independence towards both the seller and the buyer is the guarantee of his neutrality.
As a discreet, indispensable part of the workings of the ”Food Industry” circuit, the Broker ensures market transparency. At the request of his clients, the Broker supervises the proper performance of business and, as far as possible, smoothes out any dispute which may arise.